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AirVape Legacy Pro Cannabis Vape kit

AirVape Legacy Pro Cannabis Vape kit

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  • Manufacturer Airvape
  • Origins USA
  • Battery 3200 mAh
  • Battery Life Depends on Usage
  • Control Buttons
  • Heat time 15 Seconds
  • Heating Style Hybrid Conduction/Convection
  • Temperature 100°C - 240°C
  • Compatibility Herb & Wax
  • Compatible with Utillian Bubbler No
  • Compatible with Zeus Iceborn No
  • Warranty Lifetime with manufacturer | 30 day store warranty 
  • Materials Vegan leather, Black ceramic, 24K gold plating, Glass Air Path
  • Generation 2nd gen


You are searching for a unit that can supply outstanding vapor for a reasonable price. The Legacy Pro can be used in longer sessions due to its large chamber and for microdosing due to the added chamber. With the Pro, you can also use wax since Airvape includes a concentrate pad that can be placed inside the chamber. This unit also features precise temperature control and a digital display for easier session customization.
The added versatility paired with the high-quality vapor makes it a great contender to the Mighty and Crafty series, which has comparable vapor quality.


The Airvape Legacy Pro improved the previous heating technology found on the original Legacy. The updated unit features a similar convection heating method to the Mighty models from Storz & Bickel but added a gold-plated heating chamber as seen on the conduction-based Zeus Arc GTS. The added boost in power allows this unit to provide a wide temperature range (100°C - 240°C). This wide temperature range allows users to customize their sessions according to their personal preferences. Lower temperatures will result in better tasting flavor, and higher temperatures will deliver thicker vapor production.


This portable 2-in-1 vaporizer includes a wide variety of features that further improve the overall quality of the user experience. The impressive temperature range comes with a higher energy cost, so Airvape included a replaceable battery as well as wireless charging for a smoother experience. They also added a built-in tool that makes loading and maintenance more accessible.
When it comes to the device's exterior, the added vegan leather gives the unit a firm grip and makes it easier to handle when the chamber gets hot during operation. The added grip also provides a refreshing design compared to other top-tier vapor quality devices like the Mighty plus. These add-on features make the Legacy Pro a truly versatile device compared to other portable vaporizers while maintaining high-quality vapor production. Although the Legacy pro cannot keep up with the U722n terms of overall portability and convenience, this unit is a great contender in delivering high-quality vapor.


The overall build of the Legacy Pro focuses on the materials that create high-quality vapor. The main mouthpiece Airvape included on the unit is made of Zirconia which allows for a more potent taste since it removes impurities from your vapor. Consider that the mouthpiece can detach when fit into a tight space like a pocket. In the device's inner workings, a glass tube is inserted to help cool your vapor and can be removed at will. The device also features 24k gold plating in both the heating chamber and microdosing disk for added heat conduction, as also seen on the Arc GTS. Last but not least, the updated Legacy also expanded the main chamber's size by about 20% for added space and airflow.

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