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Who We Are

Jason Rock Lavigne (Janitor & Master of shenanigans)

Jammin' Jen (Management super woman)

Chicken wing Cassie (The princess)

Box Car Ben (A gentle hello with massive knowledge)

Benny the wiener dog (Extra long snuggly friendly little guy who can be found lounging around the store & door greeting customers)

Majic Mike (Last but not least " the prankster"a staple in the vape community well known for his expertise in all industry areas)

After very extensive years of being a live/studio musician (fortunate enough to work with many amazing, talented, interesting people) and having a huge passion for sound engineering... I decided to take a break. As I started vaping to quit smoking, I discovered that I had a huge interest in the vape community. With a push from an acquaintance; decided to open the first shop in a historical building in Galt, Ontario in 2016. Our AMAZING staff and I have since built amazing and new personal relationships with many of our customers. Which we find to be the most rewarding. At the shop we have an absolute blast; having fun, cracking pranks on each other, telling jokes, etc... anything to make it feel like home. There's never a dull moment at our shop. We always include our amazing customers. We make people feel they don't need to buy anything when they come in, as we love visits, laughs, great conversation!

We appreciate every single customer and friend that allowed us to grow and grew with us.


Mon - Fri

9:30 AM to 8 PM


9 AM - 7 PM


11 AM - 5 PM

  • Address

    17 Ainslie St. N

    Cambridge, ON N1R 3J3

  • Contact

    (226) 606-4553