Local Delivery

Hello, Vape Family! Welcome to the Underground Vapes Local Delivery page. We know that sometimes, making it to our shop may not be feasible, so we've decided to bring the shop to you! In partnership with Voxzu Logistics, we're offering a local delivery service that's all about convenience and speed.

Our Delivery Services

  • Cambridge:
    Experience our ultra-fast 4-hour turnaround time—often within just an hour!
  • Kitchener and Waterloo:
    Enjoy our end-of-day service to keep your vape supplies stocked.
  • Hamilton and Surrounding Areas:
    Count on our reliable next-day service.
  • Southern Ontario:
    From the comfort of your home, schedule your delivery and receive it within 2 days.

Stay informed with our tracking service and text updates - just enter your mobile number at checkout!

You can place your order at any time. However...

  • Orders will be processed for delivery during store open hours.
  • Orders placed outside of business hours will be scheduled for the next business day, as early as possible.


  • Our products are exclusive for those ages 19 and over.
  • The person who placed the order must be present at the time of delivery. If not possible, contact us to arrange for an alternate person who is also 19 years or older.
  • Charges for missed deliveries are non-refundable.
  • Please have your original Photo ID accessible for our drivers to verify before handing over your order. A Driver's License makes the process even smoother.
  • Feeling generous? Tipping is available (Debit, Credit, Cash as well). Our drivers appreciate your kindness!
  • Delivery service starts at just $5.
  • All orders must be paid in full before dispatch.

Cutoff Times

While we would love to deliver all the time, we also have to see our families!

  • Monday to Thursday, Cutoff Time 6PM - Latest Delivery Time is 9 PM
  • Friday, Cutoff Time 7PM - Latest Delivery Time is 9PM
  • Saturday, Cutoff Time 6PM - Latest Delivery Time is 8PM
  • Sunday, Cutoff Time 4PM - Latest Delivery Time is 6PM

Any orders placed AFTER the cut off time will be delivered the following day. You will receive tracking updates advising you of your delivery status.

Delivery Map

Delivery Area Map


Your Delivery Fee Breakdown

Delivery Fee* Delivery Time Zone Postal Codes
$5 Within 4 Hours A N1T, N1P, N3H, N1S, K8H, N3C, N1R
$10 Within 4 Hours A N3S, N3E, L0R, N2P, N0B, N2R, N2A, N1H, N2C
$16 By End of Day B N3L, N1C, N3A, N2B, N1G, N1K, N2H, N2E, N2G, N3T, N3R, N3P, N3V, N2M, N1L, N2N, N2J
$20 By End of Day B L9T, L8B, N2K, N2L, N2T, N1E, N2V, L0P, N0J
$27 By Next Day C L9H, L9G, L8L, L8T, L7P, L9K, L8S, L9J, L8N, N0E, L9X, L7T, N3B
$30 By Next Day C L8P, L8G, L9C, L9A, L8R, L9E, L7M, L9B, N1M, L8W, L7R, L8M, L8V, K7A, L7S, L7J, L7N, L7L, N4T
$40 By Next Day D N3W, L8H, L8J, L7G, L6M, L8K, L6L, N4V, L8E, N4S, P0V, M9N, N0K
$50 2 Day E L0N, L5N, L7A, L6X, L3M, L5M, L6K, L6Y, L5L, L6J, L6H, L5K, L5V, L5J, L5W, L5C, N4Z, L3B, L5H, L7K, L4W, L5R, L6V, L6Z, N5A, L4E, L5B, L5A, L5S, L5T, L4Z, L7C, L9W, L6S, L6T, N4B, L5G, L6R, N5C, N4G, L4Y, N0A, N0M, N3Y, L6W, M7R
$60 2 Day F P1H, L5E, L4X, M6P, M9C, L6P, L4V, M8Z, K7H, M9B, M8W, N1A, L4T, M9A, M6M, M8V, M8X, L3J, M9R, M3K, M9W, N4X, L6B, N4W, M6S, L4L, M9V, M8Y, L4H, M9P, L7E, M9L, M6N, M9M, L9V, M3L, M6L, M6R, M3M, M6K, M6H, M6E, M3N, M6B, M6G, M6J, N0L, N0G, K8N

* Fees listed are for reference, see checkout for details.

Beyond Local:

Living a bit further out? We've got you covered! Contact us to explore shipping or 2-day delivery options.

Underground Vapes is committed to making your vaping experience as convenient as possible. Let us bring the fun, laughter, and amazing service from our shop to your doorstep. Thanks for growing with us! Keep on puffing, always.

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